New Hampshire at a Glance

New Hampshire at a Glance

Origin of name:  From the English county of Hampshire

Nickname:  Granite State

Population estimate (2005):  1,309,940

Ten largest cities (2005):  Manchester (109,691), Nashua (87,321), Concord (42,336), Rochester (30,004), Dover (28,486), Keene (22,778), Portsmouth (20,674), Laconia (17,060), Claremont (13,388), Lebanon (12,606)

Land area:  8,968 square miles (23,227 square km)

Capital: Concord

Governor: John Lynch (January 2009)

Entered Union (rank):  June 21, 1788 (9)

Present Constitution adopted:  1784

Motto:  “Live Free or Die”

Flower:  Purple lilac

Tree:  White birch

Animal:  White-tailed deer

Insect:  Ladybug

Saltwater fish:  Striped bass

Freshwater fish:  Brook trout

Amphibian:  Spotted newt

Butterfly:  Karner blue

Bird:  Purple finch

Songs:  “Old New Hampshire” and “New Hampshire, My New Hampshire.”

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