About New Hampshire

For New Hampshire residents and frequent visitors, it comes as no surprise that in 2010 the Granite State was named the "Most Livable" state in the nation by CQ Press for the sixth consecutive year.

And while that annual distinction takes into account 44 positive and negative factors such as median household income, crime rate, sunny days and infant mortality rate, those most intimately familiar with New Hampshire could certainly tell another similar yet distinct story — one based less on measurable factors and more on their own personal experience.

That experience, for some, might be as simple as the quality of life that comes with New Hampshire's clean air, self-sufficiency, glorious and diverse landscape and good neighbors.

It might, for others, hinge on the "Live Free or Die" pride of being one of the original 13 colonies, the first state to have its own constitution and the site of the nation's first presidential primary every four years.

Or it might include the idea of living within a few hours of such out-of-state destinations as the horse track at Saratoga, the city lights of Boston, the green mountains of Vermont and the Old Port of Portland.

Those are just a few of the untold number of reasons that millions of people have fallen in love with New Hampshire. If you're not one of those millions, you probably just haven't been here yet.

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